Easy rangoli designs for diwali 2018 image


What is easy rangoli?

  • there is so typical of rangoli. and people this the beautiful rangoli is not easy to draw.
  • but this is not the truth. the easy rangoli is this “any rangoli can look a beautiful but some rangoli is very easy to draw and they look beautiful and there is not so complicated design and its completed draw in only some minutes”.
  • and I collected rangoli with some few colors so you guys can draw it easily and decorate your home with this beautiful rangoli’s.

Rangoli for indoor decoration.

  • I have provided 10 images of rangoli. and I think this rangoli is best for the indoor decoration of rangoli.
  • this rangoli is some easy and some beautiful so you can draw this rangoli inside of your home and at your door entrance, you can draw this rangoli.
  • and remember this thing”rangoli looks beautiful with earth lamps so plz use always earth lams(diwas)”I listed this rangoli mostly for indoor decoration.

10.Easy rangoli design list.


  • this beautiful rangoli is drawn with only 3 colors and you can see this is looking so beautiful.
  • and we can draw this rangoli inside of the home and also at the outside of a home.
  • but this is the average looking design.


  • beautiful rangoli drawn by only 3 colors and looking very very amazing at night and it’s looking beautiful because of lams(diwas).
  • and there is not so difficult for drawing this rangoli because there is an only easy design which can draw anyone


  • this Ganesha rangoli is looking amazing.
  • I know you guys thought this is difficult to draw but this is not so difficult so I have listed this rangoli also.









why I listed Easy rangoli.

  • Diwali is never complete without rangoli. so many people like to draw a beautiful rangoli at home.
  • but some rangoli is very hard and very complicated to draw those types of rangoli.
  • so I escorted some easy type of rangoli so any type of people can draw the beautiful rangoli at their homes.

For more beautiful design you can go to this link.