Peacock Rangoli – You Will Really Enjoy Drawing These Design

peacock rangoli design

What Is Peacock Rangoli

The peacock is a grand winged Bird. Peacocks are pure of workmanship as its quill itself portrays that. It’s an animal of motivation to the greater part of us. Peacocks are an image of magnificence. It is National Bird Of India. Ok, And for that reason, the people of India is like the rangoli design which has included peacock Bird. Peacock bird is also known for so many other reasons in India.

The best 70 rangoli of peacock

  • Rangoli are the beauty of home while Diwali or new year days. different states have a different name of rangoli designs. some say muggulu some says rangoli, kolam, or other names.
  • you can draw rangoli with so many objects like colored sand, different flavors, rice, grains, colored paint, and some related things. and the best thing in drawing rangoli design is the drawing rangoli with your wife, children, and your family. people like to spend their time with their family and drawing rangoli with family members is the best things you can do with your family.

Why We Like Peacock Rangoli(Kolam) Design

  • There are so many reasons people like rangoli of a peacock. peacock looks beautiful and very color full is one of the most resonate of people liking muggulu of the peacock. and the peacock is Indian national bird and rangoli is the Indian cultural design so somewhere peacock is connected to Indian people hearts so they like it.
  • Peacock is a magnificent bird due to its colorful feathers which are made up of green, blue, yellow and many other colors combination in different shades. A peacock spreads feathers when in a happy mood and it makes it more beautiful.

Take A Long Tour Of 70 Beautiful Mayur Rangoli

1. kundan rangoli design.

1 kundan rangoli design

Decorate your home or offices with these Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs ..

2. peacock rangoli kolam.

2 peacock rangoli kolam

Another brilliant rangoli with various hues consolidated in layering structure. This rangoli is fundamentally a great many rows of various examples, here you simply need to go well ordered, one shape at any given moment.

When you figure out how to make designs, you can utilize them in your specialty in a wide range of ways.

3. stone peacock rangoli.

3 stone peacock rangoli

4. blue and pink peacock rangoli.

4 blue and pink peacock rangoli

5. small peacock kolam.

6 colour full big peacock rangoli

6. color full big peacock rangoli.

7 traditional peacock rangoli with paint

7. traditional peacock rangoli with paint.

8 small peacock kolam

8. small peacock kolam.

8 small peacock kolam

9. peacock kolam design pattern.

9 peacock kolam design pattern

10. rangoli with 2 color and diyas.

10 rangoli with 2 color and diyas

This is dazzling rangoli structure which has a kalash alongside coconut (nariyal) and mango leaves. Coconut is the main organic product used to symbolize ‘God’ while adoring any god and the kalasha likewise symbolizes everlasting status.

The clothing looks appealing because of peacock quills and configuration drawn outside the square.

11. Rangoli Designs For Competitions.

11 Rangoli Designs For Competitions

12. colorful peacock rangoli design.

12 colorfull peacock rangoli design

13. peacock rangoli for home entrance.

13 peacock rangoli for home entrance

14. rangoli for office or your working place.

14 rangoli for office or your working place

15. peacock design for diwali.

15 peacock design for diwali

16. two peacock in one design.

16 two peacock in one design

17. 3d rangoli design.

17 3d rangoli design

18. rangoli with diya(earth lamp).18 rangoli with diya(earth lamp)

19. happy diwali peacock rangoli.

19 happy diwali peacock rangoli

20. beatiful hard rangoli.

20 beatiful hard rangoli

This is excellent peacock rangoli plan. The eye getting some portion of the structure are the plumes. The Peacock quills are decent choices since they can be hued in exquisite way and make the look actually beautiful.

21. something is diffrent in this rangoli.

21 something is diffrent in this rangoli

22. 3d peacock rangoli design.


22 3d peacock rangoli design

23. peacock rangoli for competion.

23 peacock rangoli for competion

24. home entrance rangoli.

24 home entrance rangoli

25. beatiful rangoli for home or parking.

25 beatiful rangoli for home or parking

26. rangoli you can draw on function.

26 rangoli you can draw on function

27. perfect match for competition.

27 perfect match for competition

29. peacock rangoli patterns.

29 peacock rangoli patterns

30. simple design for drawing.

30 simple design for drawing

This is another peacock rangoli which you can draw easily. Chalk out the body with a legitimate diagram and afterward fill in shades with various hues in like manner.

There is a crisscross example alongside diya on the best which closes the rangoli and they upgrade the appearance of the plan somewhat more.

31. littel bit hard rangoli.

31 littel bit hard rangoli

33. peacock rangoli for national day.

33 peacock rangoli for national day

34. color full peacock.

34 color full peacock

35. mayur rangoli.

35 mayur rangoli

36. peacock acrylic rangoli.

36 peacock acrylic rangoli

37. rangoli art peacock.

37 rangoli art peacock

38. rangoli designs with dots.

38 rangoli designs with dots

39. more rangoli design.

39 more rangoli design

40. rangoli kolangal.

40 rangoli kolangal

This is an extremely charming looking peacock rangoli structure which has been made somewhat more fascinating by making an expansive diya (oil light generally made of heated dirt) in the middle. Diagram the body of the peacock and diya.

Ensure that the diya is sufficiently enormous to take consideration of the every one of the observers.

41. deepavali rangoli design.

41 deepavali rangoli design

This is a flawless rangoli structure which incorporates peacock alongside woodwind, we cherish this adorable and basic endeavor rangoli. In this Rangoli, in contrast to the standard methods, diverse shades of hues are utilized to do the plan.

42. peacock sanskar bharti rangoli designs.

42 peacock sanskar bharti rangoli designs

43. best peacock rangoli designs for diwali.

43 best peacock rangoli designs for diwali

44. very simple and easy peacock rangoli design.

44 very simple and easy peacock rangoli design

45. alpana design.

45 alpana design

46. new peacock rangoli.

46 new peacock rangoli

47. diwali rangoli images designs.

47 diwali rangoli images designs

48. earth lamp rangoli design.

48 earth lamp rangoli design

49. Peacock with Mango Design.

49 Peacock with Mango Design

50. Peacock with Multi color lines and dots.

50 Peacock with Multi color lines and dots

This is another method for having your rangolis made. The rangoli incorporates shankha ( the shankha is a hallowed seal of the Hindu preserver god Vishnu) and peacock quill.

These look marginally progressively masterful and intriguing because of the falling blooms from kalash. This also will require overwhelming mastery and styling varieties.

51. Spiral Peacock Rangoli.

51 Spiral Peacock Rangoli

52. traditional rangoli design.

52 traditional rangoli design

53. mind blowing rangoli design.

53 mind blowing rangoli design

54. Multi Color Peacock.

54 Multi Color Peacock

55. rangoli for marriage.

55 rangoli for marriage

56. Violet peacock Rangoli Design.

56 Violet peacock Rangoli Design

57. Only White Color Rangoli Design.

57 Only White Color Rangoli Design

58. Orange Peacock with white check design.

58 Orange Peacock with white check design

59. Symmetrical Rangoli Design.

59 Symmetrical Peacock Design

60. krishna fluet in rangoli.

60 krishna fluet in rangoli

This is one all the more simple rangoli, Chalk out the body with an appropriate framework and afterward fill in shades of green and blue in like manner.

The quills are finished by green shading alongside red and indigo. The body is loaded by blue shading.

61. three color rangoli of peacock.

61 three color rangoli of peacocok

62. rangoli that can draw in function and marriage.

62 rangoli that can draw in function and marriage

63. colorful rangoli designs.

63 colourful rangoli designs

64. eye catching rangoli.

64 eye catching rangoli

65. Corner Wall Peacock Rangoli.

65 Corner Wall Peacock Rangoli

66. Peacock with Long Feather.

66 Peacock Rangoli with Long Feather

67. Mural Rangoli Design.

67 Mural Peacock Rangoli Design

This excellent rangoli structure of peacock is a decent choice for any event. This plan has been minutely shaded and needs a ton of abilities to be finished.

There are vivid shades of green, yellow and blue improving the energetic shade of the plan. The clothing has been included with Dholaks in the center to make it look significantly more intriguing.

68. rangoli design inspire by peacock.

68 rangoli design inspire by peacock rangoli

69. White Peacock with Multi color feather.

70 normal peacock rangoli design

This is another plan to make rangoli, it is the mix of blooms and hues. Blossom rangoli is something we as a whole love and since it’s mainstream.

The yellow shade of the Marigold turns into the essential shading in this rangoli, the rest partition is filled by rangoli hues. Leaf set then again improve the magnificence.

We Hope You Really Like This Beautiful Rangoli Design. And we have biggest collection of rangoli and mehndi design on our pinterest page.