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First, understand what is rangoli design exactly

As a normal Indian and while you searching for learning to draw a rangoli design so belive you obviously know when we draw the rangoli (we draw rangoli on festivals like Diwali, Janmashtami, 15’th august, 26 January and many other festivals). on Diwali, we draw rangoli at our home, offices and other our work or favorite place but there are some who don’t know how to draw rangoli design but drawing rangoli designs or very good design is not a rocket science anyone can easily draw a rangoli after some time of practice. hSo without westing a more time let me teach you how to draw a rangoli design I will guide you step by step so you easily can understand

How to draw rangoli with color – Step By Step

  • Step – 1:: Make A Simple Big Dots

Draw-Rangoli-Step-by-Step - step 1

Heap the two colors pink and maroon or you can use your own color combination but I prefer to choose these two color because it will help you to enhance the beauty of your rangoli.

  • Step – 2:: Making Flavor Of Dots.


in this step, you will need a spoon for making a flower. this is the easiest way or alternative for making a flower rangoli.

  • Step – 3:: Complet Flower And spray a Blue Color in Center


To complete this step you will need a one plastic bottol or any type of things to spray a rangoli color as shown in the picture.

  • Step – 4:: Adding a Border to Flower


For this step you will need a pen or any type of sick that can make a sharp edge to your flower which you make with a spoon and give a yellow dot in the center it’s will look very impressive in this whole rangoli.

  • Step – 5:: Get One Big Ring


This step will need one big metal or any type of ring which you can see in the image below

  • Step – 6:: Spray a Color Inside of Ring


Put the ring on the center of rangoli and fill the color on the complete ring by spraying. here you can tack your favorite or good matching color.

  • Step – 7::  Make Deep Border


Make a deep border with the help of a pen or any plastic stick.

  • Step – 8::  Put Color Dots

Draw Rangoli Step by Step - step 8

Make a medium size of heaps on the border that you have made. use any two colors which are more suitable for you. you can use any bottle I suggest favicon’s bottle.

  • Step – 9::  Press The Border

Draw-Rangoli-Step-by-Step-step-9Press the border with help of any type of small round shape thing here you also can use a small bowel also

  • Step – 10::  Draw White Heart


Draw the withe color heart shape with the help of vial and do it on all corners.

  • Step – 11::  Fill The Hear With Color Draw-Rangoli-Step-by-Step-step-11

Fill the heart with color in a spiral way use any two colors which you like.

  • Step – 12:: Make A Final Design


  • Step – 13:: Now Your Design Is Completed

Put a two-color heap and spread them with the help of pen or plastic steak and create a design shown below in the image.

I hope you will like this rangoli design. it is very easy to draw and anyone can draw this rangoli design beginner to advance designer can draw this rangoli design. draw this rangoli design at your school rangoli design competition.

I hope you will like this slide show.

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