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In the southern parts of India, especially in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the art of Rangoli is known as Kolam. The Hindus who live here practice this art form on a regular basis as well as on special occasions. In South India, kolam is regarded as a form of painted prayer. Asymmetric line drawing with curved circles drawn through a crisscross pattern of dots is normally used in the design.

Every day, drawing these lovely designs symbolizes the celebration of life and provides a good start to the day. ‘Kolams’ are thought to aid in the channeling of positive energy into one’s home and office while also destroying destructive energies. It has a cleansing and healing effect on the woman’s mind and body, preparing her to confront the challenges of the day ahead.

The ‘kolam’ is normally made of rice powder or paste, which attracts ants, small insects, and birds. This ritual is invariably an expression of the Indian ethos of oneness with nature, promoting the well-being of all living things – the epitome of the “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” philosophy (the whole world is one single family). Importantly, this is deeply rooted in a common everyday routine that has become a way of life.

For weddings and other important occasions, large, intricate patterns are made. Professional ‘kolam’ artists are often tasked with making these crafts for certain significant occasions.

As we have seen, kolam design is very important in Indian culture so we have come up with different types of kolam designs for you to use to make your occasion and festival auspicious.

Let us now look at and create more prevalent designs:












































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(50)From the photo above we have shown many designs of such popular Kolams. Use it to create a kolam in your yard and invite God into your home.