Rangoli design with dots for diwali 2018


Rangoli design with dots and color.

  • Everyone begins preparing for the most recent week which begins off with Christmas festivities, and after that moves to the New Year parties. It is undoubtedly the most wonderful time.
  • New Year gets new expectations, new goals, new targets and everything appears to begin once more.
  • Rangoli outlines are a piece of our Indian customs. In spite of the fact that it is for the most part identified with our Indian celebrations, it can likewise be joined in praising events like Christmas and New Year.
  • In this article, we will share and talk about a portion of the best New Year spot rangoli outlines. You can make these in your home or office and light up your festivals somewhat more
  • So we present to you some Rangolis which are made by simply coming to an obvious conclusion.
  • A portion of these plans are simple and some are somewhat hard to do, however, should be possible with a little tolerance and diligent work regardless.
  • So if this is your first time, don’t worry we have some basic outlines for you as well.
  • You additionally have a decision to keep the plans monochrome or utilize hues over it.
  • So simply appreciate making Rangolis and let the compliments stream your direction.

Dot rangoli design for Rangoli competition.

  • this rangoli design with a dot is very easy to draw and looking beautiful.
  • so you can draw this rangoli ant your school competition.
  • this very easy to draw because this is drawn with the easy dot.
  • you can also draw this rangoli at your home. and also at your office.
  • I have provided the color in the dot rangoli.
  • you can modify this rangoli as you want and you can fill the color in rangoli so you can enhance the look of rangoli.

10 beautiful rangoli design with the dot.




4.beautiful rangoli designeasy-dot-rangoli-design-for-new-year-2018-2

5.easy-dot-rangoli-design-for-new-year-2018-36.easy-dot-rangoli-design-for-new-year-2018-47. 6*6 dot rangolieasy-dot-rangoli-design-for-new-year8.easy-dot-rangoli-for-diwali-19.easy-dot-rangoli-for-diwali-2018


Simple rangoli design for 2018

  • I know guys this is not enough rangoli design but this is the best dots rangoli design.
  • you can make this rangoli more beautiful by modified something in this rangoli.
  • I have some more rangoli design for you because I know this not must.
  • you can get more rangoli design by going to this link.

simple rangoli design for Diwali 2018 and new year

you can get more design like this rangoli by going to this Pinterest link.





Rangoli design with dots
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Rangoli design with dots
post contains rangoli design which is drawn with only dots. and these all rangoli are very easy.
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