Rangoli Designs With Dot And Colors Step By Step Images


Dots rangoli designs with colors “Hard Designs In Simple Way Explanation.”

Rangolis are a very common sight during the festive season. Celebrate your favorite festival with our easy and rich dots rangoli. peoples are especially searching for rangoli on Diwali or new year. so many people are interested in dots rangoli. dots rangoli have two types we are presenting the dots rangoli with colors. rangoli designs change the looks of our house during festivals. and we know very well that the best rangoli bring good compliments and everyone likes to get more and more compliments. even if you are learning to draw the rangoli designs then you can start drawing the rangoli designs with the dotted patterns of the rangoli designs.

In our last post, we have provided the best dots rangoli designs. which are amazing but today we have more best rangoli designs than that post. I think that rangolis definitely bring good compliments to you. but these are best and more colourfull dots rangoli designs.

So without wasting more time lets look at some beautiful and colorful dots rangoli designs with colors.

1. 7 Star Rangoli Design With Dots And Colors

  • 7 star dots rangoli with colours

On the off chance that you adore simple examples for your Rangolis, at that point attempt this one. We cherish how the impact is very remarkable yet there is exceptionally straightforward work. There are essentially geometric shapes which are masterminded to make flower designs.

2. Kolam Pattern With Dots.

  • dots kolam pattern with colors

We see so many designs online at many times but this kolam pattern is quite different than the other designs. And this kolam design is perfectly suitable for your home decoration at new year time. select this one if you want your home look different than others

3. Peacock Rangoli Drawn With Dots And Colors

  • peacock rangoli with dots

So many people like to draw a peacock rangoli designs but drawing a peacock rangoli is a little bit harder than other rangoli. but now the drawing peacock rangoli becomes easy after this post. enjoy your favorite peacock rangoli design.

4. Graphical Dots Very Simple Dots Rangoli Designs

  • easy dot rangoli with colors

This one is an unadulterated geometric style Rangoli. The utilization of geometric shapes is obvious and this makes this Rangoli very unique in relation to other normal ones we are very used to see.

5. Dots Rangoli With Diya(Earthlamps)

  • Dots Color Rangoli For Diwali

The design is made simply connecting the dots with straight lines which makes it very easy for beginners to try. it’s a nice dots rangoli with colors.

6. Very Simple Dots Kolam Pattern

  • rangoli designs with dots and colors

The light colors give the awesome look to our rangoli designs and it helps to improve the look of it.

7. Diwali Special Dots Rangoli Design With Colours

  • Simple Dots And Colours Designs

the boxes are already the best patter in all the designs and here we present the rangoli designs with the box which are normal but very impressive.

8. Dots Rangoli With Blue Shaded Colors

  • dots rangoli with blue shaded colors

This rangoli design is created with the blue shaded colors it looks more awesome than the other colors.

9. Dots Rangoli Design For Competition

  • amazing dots and color rangoli

The design is very simple and should be possible by amateurs as well. We feel this one excessively should be possible on any event. So on the off chance that you need to astound your guest with an unordinary Rangoli design with dabs, draw this one. We are certain it will be the discussion of the day/night.

10. Pink Color Dots Rangoli Design

This rangoli design looks amazing because of the angular shape and this pink color which used with this angular shape of the rangoli design.

11. 6 Angular Dots Rangoli Design

  • Dots Rangoli Step by Step

This is the amazing angular dotted design as the above design. the star shape is given to this rangoli design and the different types of colors are used in the design to make it more amazing.

12. Dots Rangoli For Home With Colors

  • multi color dots rangoli desings

The simple and the circular rangoli design is you can see in this image. this is the awesome rangoli design for a draw at any simple festivals at the home.

13. 6*6 very easy dots rangoli.

14. Different Color Star Rangoli By Dots

Different Color Star Rangoli By Dots

Some designs are not only the angular designs and not only the circular or the rounder shape rangoli. here in the image of the rangoli design, we provide a different design which is the combination of the rounder and the angular rangoli design.

15. Star Rangoli With Dots

star rangoli with dots

Presently this design is exceptionally straightforward as well. We cherish how a hexagon is utilized to make this flawless rangoli. In the middle, there is a star molded theme pursued by other geometric examples.

16. Dots Rangoli For School Rangoli Competition

This is the very simple and the effortless rangoli design. here we use the simple matching colors. and try to give the different look with the different shape in the rangoli design.

Images Credits = Kolam My Passion