Easy and very simple latest mehndi designs for beginner


Hello lovely women, today we will familiarize you with 52 simple easy and conventional heena Arabic mehndi designs of 2019. We know about the way that young girls appear to be lacking without decorating their hands on all formal or casual occasions, and dependable figure out how to set aside the opportunity to apply the most recent and popular mehndi designs.

Mehndi being a temporary tattoo is no outstanding or well known in the Asian nations, rather its pattern has won the whole way across the globe, even the western ladies cherish it find mehndi as an interesting and stunning method for making the hands look beautiful. In addition, applying mehndi is not any more difficult, you can without much of a time get the strategies of applying mehndi by rehearsing the simple mehndi designs. Here we will display 52 selective Mahendi designs on top release

all Indian woman are love mehndi designs on their hand is not because of the culture. but the mehndi design increases the beauty of the woman also.

so here we have some beautiful and easy mehndi design.

1. Ring on the fingers

Easy-mehndi-designs-for-beginner-248Mehndi (Lawsonia inermis) is a little nearby bush whose leaves are utilized for making henna. In local country regions, individuals have confidence in granulating the crisp leaves in the middle of the crushing stones alongside some oil. Despite the fact that city individuals essentially settle on dried leaves and ground them into glue.

Both the procedure of Mehendi gives out a corroded red shade which at long last swings to dim chocolate in shading is appropriate for making wonderful examples on the palms and feet. Mehndi paste can be utilized on head hairs too as it fills in as a color for shading them giving them an additional condition and lustrous look.

One can feel the cooling property of the mehndi when connected in palms or feet in addition to common Mehandi has no bad reactions on the skin.

2.simple mehndi rings on a finger. (also easy to draw)


From a very long time, the mehndi designs are very interesting and popular things in western countries. and the mehndi designing used by girls woman and also a by old ladies on the special traditional occasions and mostly on wedding. In Hindu celebrations, mehndi is typically drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, fundamentally in those areas where the designs will be clear because of diverging from the lighter skin on these surfaces.

Customary Indian mehndi designs are descriptions of the sun on the palm, which by and large incorporates blossoms leaves or around a theme, in this specific situation, is proposed to speak to the hands and feet.

Mehendi or Henna is a paste that is purchased in a cone formed cylinder and is made into designs for people. These cones can be set up at home by essentially making a glue of grounded dry henna alongside water. Numerous individuals trust that putting away it for a long time gives more hues. So in the wake of putting away it for a couple of hours or medium-term, pack it in a cone and cut the tip of this cone.

Easy mehndi designs for beginners

Mehndi is connected on hands, palms, legs, and shoulder to embellish the body. Presently day’s mehndi originators are likewise accessible like Arabic, Pakistani and Rajasthani, Marwari and a lot all the more as per their insight into the craftsmanship. Every one of them is named after geologies. Despite the fact that the mehndi designs may appear to be similar yet just with a nearby look one can define the style in the plans.

Like in Arabic style Mehandi, plans are by and large consolidates containing enormous botanical themes and does not cover the whole hand, but rather in the event that you see Indian structures, they utilize littler and better flower themes covering the whole hand. Indian plans likewise regularly incorporate creature designs like an elephant or a peacock.

3. another one ring mehndi design on girls finger


henna paste is usually tacked time around 4-6 hours. some people believe in keep it overnight to get a more darker color. henna paste is applied on the skin using a plastic cylinder shapes cone or also with the brush. After 15–20 minutes, mehndi starting dry and cracking away, on this time if you apply a mixture of lemon juice and of a soda its moisturizer and you will get a much darker color of mehndi.

One can stay away from this part by recovering the plan again with Mehendi as sugar and lemon syrup makes the palms stickier making other conceivable issues. The mehndi is worn three to six hours or here and there kept medium-term and after that expelled by just with the fingers. At the point when initially expelled, the henna configuration is pale to dim orange in shading and bit by bit obscures the shading inside the following 24 to 72 hours. This last rosy darker shading can remain on hands or feet from one to three weeks relying upon the quality and kind of henna glue connected.

4.floral easy mehndi design


This mehndi design is very easy to draw and very simple. there are only flavors on this mehndi and some abstract design in this mehndi. anyone can draw this mehndi. this is the mehndi design in the only finger and it’s a half hand mehndi design. its look more batter with darker colors.

5. mehnid on 3 fingers


when you draw mehndi in the full hand it looks awesome, but when you feel uncomfortable with the full hand mehndi then you can draw mehndi shown as an above image.  Here is the image, we represent mehndi in only three finger which looks very awesome. in the image, it is flower design in mehndi which looks very better and you can also make it unique with doing some change in the design your self.

6. mehndi design for knee


some peoples are not comfortable with the more deeper and bold mehndi. when someone doesn’t like the full hand mehndi then they also can draw mehndi as the above image. even which people want to make mehndi like tattoo then it is the very awesome type to draw mehndi on the hand of lags. in the above image, it’s simple tattoo type mehndi and very easy to draw and looks very beautiful. this is very normal mehndi but it looks awesome and it increases the beauty of the lovely lady.

7.front hand mehndi design


it is also gorgeous mehndi design to draw on the hand. you can see how clearly used flowers at the center of the palm and other rounds nearby the flowers are increasing the beauty of this wonderful design. you can draw this mehndi design on many occasions.

8. leg’s simple mehndi design


the combination of the flowers and the linear designs is awesome. in the above image, you can see the combination of the flowers with the cross lines which make it beautiful. at any time you want to draw mehndi on the leg then you can draw it.

9. square very simple mehndi design for finger


The simplicity of the design in the above image increases the beauty of all mehndi and the people who draw this mehndi. this is very simple to draw and it took little time to draw but it affects more. here it is only the square on the finger and the outside of the square it is the border of small dots by mehndi. these small dots are increasing its beauty.

10. Floral diamonds


above mehndi is the combination of the many different forms of the mehndi designs. here you can see that flowers, lines, leaves, squares, and dots are combined and make this mehndi. it is a little hard to draw but it is very awesome. here fingers are covered by the awesome linear designs and back of the hand is designed by the flowers and leaves.

11. Indian traditional design


as clearly you draw is look as awesome. you can see in the image how clearly mehndi s drawn. the design of squares at the wrist makes it awesome. you can draw this mehndi on any occasions. the very awesome part of this mehndi is the wrist. you can see that how clearly mehndi is drawn at the wrist. the half flower covered by the half circle is improving the beauty of the mehndi and the single leave on the half circle is also very awesome.

12. 4 leaf flavor


in the image, it is a simple design to represent the simpleness of the drawing mehndi designs. it is a normal flower with four leaves. small girls can draw this mehndi.

13. Pakistani traditional


in this image, it starts from the wrist and the fingers are also covers by the mehndi. it looks traditional and awesome on many occasions. this design is good for little girls who like mehndi and it is less time consuming.

14. normal floral pattern


in the image, you can see how beautiful mehndi is designed for beautiful girls. this is the designs with the flowers and the simple small leaves. the fingers are looks awesome because of the unique design of the mehndi. this is also a very good design for the beginners and the shades and the motifs are awesome.

15. heart shaped leaf


the very simple and less area covered by the mehndi but all the fingers are the covers by the beautiful mehndi.  here in all the fingers, there are different designs that make it a different look. normally people don’t have more time so they are finding for the less time taken designs so this mehndi design is one of them and very easy for beginners.

16. very easy design


the simple row of the flowers looks amazing. here in the design one row which is design by the different flowers is drawn, and on the fingers, we drew some simple flowers which you can ignore and change it your self as you like.

17. single finger


same as the above image, it is the same but there are some little changes which make it different from the other designs. here we drew the flowers with the simple leaves on all five fingers. and hand is designed by the flower design.

18. two peacock very beautiful looks


the peacock is the beauty of the birds. and when you draw this beautiful bird in the mehndi it reaches the different level of creativity. it is a little difficult to draw but the difficulty is not wested.

19. The Royal Affair


this is a normal design which can be drawn by the little girls which just draw the mehndi for the fun. this is also like tattoo mehndi so you can draw this type of mehndi your self with some important changes.

20. traditional Gujarati


the lines are drawn at the wrist and where lines are connected there is a little dot which makes this design better. the flower is common in the all normal mehndi designs. but other designs near the flowers improve the beauty in full mehndi.

21. looks a peaceful


here you can see this amazing mehndi, which look this awesome by the circle and the flower in the circle. in this simple mehndi design fingers are not fully covers by the mehndi because girls can wear the rings in the fingers and this mehndi looks beautiful with the jewelry.

22. The ornamental Mehendi


rose is the very beautiful flower and all peoples like this beautiful flower. if we combine this beautiful flower in our mehndi then it makes an awesome and great combination. here in the image, you can see that how simply rose is drawn and the shade in the rose is great.

23. simple but beautiful


mehndi in the above image is for the wrist. you can see how they draw mehndi on the wrist with the vertical lines and leaves.this can be easily drawn by the little girls and learners.

24. beautiful lotus


many girls are not like to load their fingers with the mehndi then they can draw mehndi as shown in the image. here mehndi is drowned in the only one finger and the back of the hand is by the flower of the louts is simple but impressive.

25. Love shades


many girls like to draw mehndi on the leg, they can draw these designs of mehndi on the leg. it is a simple and good design of mehndi to draw fast on many occasions.

26. The ring friendly Mehendi


in the Indian culture, all the girls are like to wear full load jewelry. then you can put some are blank in the mehndi so it will better than draw mehndi in all area. you can wear any jewelry and make it impressive.

27. The sangeet mehendi


same as the above image, when you want to wear jewelry then make blank to the planed area. don’t draw mehndi on the area where you want to wear jewelry, so it improves beauty.

28. Contemporary hand mehndi


this is the mehndi design for the girls who like the flowers in the mehndi, and also want to make simple mehndi. it is very simple and the time saver design.

29. beautiful evening mehndi with peacock


in the above image, you can see the art of the peacock bird in the mehndi, the peacock bird in this image is very easy to draw by anybody. this is the design for learning to draw mehndi art.

30. beautiful evening mehndi with peacock


the above design of mehndi is shown here by applying on the hand. you can draw this mehndi to learn shapes to draw.

31. Disjoint Mehndi back hand


this design of the mehndi is looking like the jewelry, so which lady is not like wear more jewelry on the hand they can draw this mehndi and be more beautiful without wearing the jewelry.

32. legs and leg finger beautiful design


in the image, you can see the simple mehndi design on the leg, this is a simple circle with the leaves border. it is very simple but also very attractive for the leg, and in the all five fingers there is drown mehndi which is looks attractive.

33. Arabic Lined Palm back side Mehndi


some girls like to draw mehndi on the back of the palm and some don’t like to draw mehndi at the back of the palm. which girls are like draw mehndi at the back of palm then it is a very good design for them, because it is simple and normal circles, with flower design.

34. The chandelier mehendi


some girls are not like more flowers in the mehndi, they like simple and rounded mehndi design on their hand. here it is designed for that woman who are interested in the drawing rounded and simple design. there is no more complication in the mehndi. just some circles connected with the each other.

35. Wrap on mehendi


which girls like more flowers in their mehndi this is for them, this mehndi design looks professional mehndi design. with many flowers and the round shape in the mehndi. this design is very beautiful at the back side of the palm.

36. The natural look


there are many designs are combined and try to make a different and new design from the other designs. there are also included lines, flowers, leaves, bird, and also try to draw different shapes to make it unique and awesome. this is for whom like the more shapes and designs in the hand.

37. Cherry Hands


the little girls who want to learn mehndi designs they should try this at the first time, this is simple to draw and easy patterns.

38. The marigold mehendi


the combination of the small flowers and the bold bordered circle is awesome. there is in this image, you can see that bordered mehndi is drawn. and it looks amazing because the circle is drawn at the center of the back of the palm and that is connected with the three little flowers. and it has drawn till the top of the finger.

39. cute hand cute mehndi


which girls are not like more dark and weighted mehndi then it is for them. here in this mehndi, only three half circles are used and these half circles make it awesome. and at the top of the finger, one-half flower is drawn with the leaves, which really make it beautiful.

40. peacock on the front hand


peacock design is amazing and is also awesome. this mehndi is for learning shapes and the simple patterns of the mehndi design at the beginning.

41. The teenage Mehendi

Easy-mehndi-designs-for-beginner-5 (2)

in some cases, girls just like the weighted mehndi designs but they really not like to give weight on the mehndi on all hand then they can draw this mehndi, because this is drawn by using mango leaves and flowers shape, and connect them and make awesome. the weight is given on the design is making it amazing.

42. mehndi on your fingertips


in this image, the mehndi is so much simpler and it also looks awesome to the little baby girls or also looks awesome to the young lady, this is drawn by giving weight on the finger. on the finger, you can see the linear design with a dark weight which takes part to make awesome mehndi.

43. Floral Mesh Designed Palm Mehndi


fingers are fully drawn and back of the palm is drawn only simple flower and rounder lines. design at the wrist is amazing because here in wrist it looks checked squares between the two horizontal lines. and after that lines, there are some design of the flowers which make it amazing and improve its show.

44. Pashmina touch


the unique design is also acceptable at all, and this is the simple but unique design of the mehndi. there are all fingers are fully drawn by simple mehndi and near the wrist, there is checked square with some different design in it. and the flower at the top looks better at all.

45. The bridal fetish


when there is the topic about the drawing mehndi on the leg there is again very better designs for that. most the girls just draw mehndi on the hands but drawing mehndi on the leg is also awesome. and the mehndi will make awesome to the girls.

46. urban liner mehndi


the woman who need full hand mehndi at the front side that also can draw this at the back side, when someone draws full hand mehndi at the front side then they must need to draw at the back side same. in this mehndi, you can see many shapes and design which make you awesome.

47. Shaded Palm Mehndi


the very simplest and easiest design of the mehndi is this. here in the chain from finger to the wrist like a piece of jewelry, so who does not like jewelry they can apply this design and get feeling like wearing jewelry.

48. Pashmina touch


this image shows the design like the tattoo, so many girls are much interested in the tattoo and they can draw this type of mehndi, they can make some changes in the design and make the other unique tattoo mehndi design from this design also. here only the flowers which are connected with each other.

49. The shy hands


the very simplest and easy design is in the image. there are only some leaves which are arranged properly and they make the checked squares, and the border is improving the show of the design. and the fingers just have some rounded lines and nothing is hard but more better.

50. the beautiful hands

Easy-mehndi-designs-for-beginner-5 (1)

as you can see in the image, the peacock is the main design and on the finger, there is also drawn shape like a peacock. so this simple design is looking like a professional design.

51. the beautiful legs


at the old time only some girls are drawing mehndi at the legs, but nowadays many girls are like to draw mehndi on the legs. so, here is the one design for those girls who are like to draw mehndi on the legs. in this image, you can see a simple but unique checked squares with leaves. and on the finger, you can see lines which are work to impressing you.

image source: instagram