Small Rangoli Design Images for Home & Office – 2021


Rangoli has long been a prominent place in Indian culture on auspicious occasions. People make rangoli in their yard in festivals and on auspicious occasions when they come to their homes. Rangoli is a prominent art of Indian culture.

There are many types of rangoli, depending on the occasion and festival, including small rangoli, dot-based rangoli, Kolam rangoli.  We have brought here for you a collection of small rangoli which is very popular.

As mentioned above Rangoli is drawn in occasions like wedding precincts, annual festivals, and many other occasions.  Rangoli is also painted in festivals like Diwali, sitting year, Pongal, and many other occasions. Based on that we have brought rangolis for you. Which allows you to make your home and office attractive for the occasion.

The small rangoli looks good and attractive in appearance and makes a good impression on your home.  You can easily make a small rangoli using the rangoli shown below and make your occasion or festival marvelous.

Follow the Small Rangoli below to make your home or workplace more appealing:































The small rangoli shown above is in vogue nowadays. We have shown here about 30 rangoli which are attractive in appearance and easy to make, hopefully, you will use this rangoli to make your occasion and festivals more auspicious.