Creative Welcome Rangoli Designs “No. 10 Is Amazing”- Toprelease


In India, when there is any functions and festivals are comes then the peoples are must invite the guests to meet each other. and when festivals and functions come all the women are going to decorate the home. and because of the guests are come to home so, peoples need to greet them and the Rangoli about the greeting peoples is the best thing.

so, if you will draw the rangoli for greeting peoples then you can draw welcome rangoli and this is the best way to greet the peoples when they come in the home.

If you finding the designs then you are at the right place. We list below the welcome Rangoli designs for you.

Types Of Welcome Rangoli Design

There are so many occasions and so many ways you can welcome your guest with creative rangoli design. we have sorted following type of welcome rangoli.

  1. doorstep welcome rangoli
  2. garth/fine welcome rangoli
  3. parking welcome rangoliĀ 
  4. gate welcome rangoliĀ 

Now check this rangoli designs which are specially sorted for welcoming your guest.

1. Greeting Peoples Rangoli :


In the image, you can see that the four peoples are sited and welcome the guests to come to the home. you can draw this rangoli at the outside of the house.

2. The Peacock Feather Rangoli :


This is the rangoli design where you can see the beautiful peacock feather drawn in the box and the pink background make it awesome.

3. The Floral Rangoli :


the beautiful pink, orange, and yellow flowers are used in this rangoli design. The flowers are well arranged in the rangoli and it looks very awesome.

4. Red And Green Card Rangoli :


here, you can see in the image there is the rangoli design where the card cut in the beautiful flower’s shape and the welcome font is written in the card.

5. The Beautiful Colors Rangoli :


in the image, you can see that the awesome colors are used to make the Rangoli and the awesome circular shape is used to draw the rangoli. A white thin layer is drawn around the rangoli.

6. Circular Colorful Rangoli Design :


the pink, blue, white, and orange colors are used in the Rangoli and the shade of the purple color is used to highlight the font. this is looking very awesome.

7. White And Red Rangoli :


If you use the shade of the multiple colors with the white shade then the rangoli must look more awesome. as you can see in the rangoli the blue, red, yellow, and orange shades are used in the white color and the red color is used in the center to write the greeting font.

8. The Rainbow Welcome Rangoli :


in the image, you can see that the different-different colors are used in this rangoli design same as the rainbow. There is the circle shape and the white border make more beautiful to all these designs.

9. Awesome Suswagatm Rangoli :


awesome Lamps are used in the rangoli and the green color is used in the rangoli with the lamp is very awesome. white shade in the green rangoli is looking very awesome.

10. Valentine Day Welcome Rangoli :


this beautiful heart shape of the Rangoli for the valentine day. in this rangoli there are two beautiful birds are looking awesome.

11. The Floral Lamp And Circular Rangoli :


in the image, you can see that the flowers are used to make the Lamp of the flowers and colors are used in the rangoli to make it more awesome.

12. Grilled Rangoli With White And Purple Color :


there is the Rangoli design where we use the white color and the purple color for the make it awesome and we arrange it in the Square grilled shape. this shape is the different and beautiful shape.

13.The Krishna Rangoli :


The face of god Krishna is used in the rangoli for the welcome peoples. The green leaves and the face were drawn in the pink background which looking more awesome.

14. The Pink Circular And Lamp Rangoli :


the circular rad background and the Lamp is the best combination for the Rangoli design and the Lamps are used for this rangoli.

15. The Circular Floral Rangoli :


this is the floral rangoli design in the circular shape and the circles merge with each other. and the rangoli looking awesome.

16. The White Shaded Lamp Rangoli :


in the rangoli design, there is the lamp shape is used to make it more awesome. The lamp put on the circle shape rangoli is a great idea.

17. The Circular Color Rangoli :


the green and the red colors are used in the rangoli design and same as all other rangoli designs in this rangoli there is also used the white color to make the outer border in the rangoli design.

18. Half-Circular Rangoli Design :


the yellow color in the center of the rangoli is the heart of the rangoli and all the look in the rangoli is from that.

19. The White Square Used For Red Color :


the white square and the red color in the center is the awesome and the blue outer border is beautiful.

20. Birthday Welcome Rangoli :


When there is any baby born and you were invited to the peoples then you can draw this rangoli design to greet the peoples when they come in the home.

21. The Drum Rangoli :


in the image, you can see that the drums are drawn in the rangoli and the background is purple and the black color as the border is awesome.